Trias Group commenced its activity in 1996. For almost 20 years it has been an active AVL (audio-video-light) market participant regarding equipment rental, fixed installations and services. For a couple of years now the Group has been expanding its activity area with multifunctional structures management and creating temporary exhibitions as well as organising concerts, not only in structures managed by the Group. Thanks to narrow specialisations of companies and specialists employed, the Group performs market analysis in a global manner, whereas Client’s needs are examined in the 360 degree dimension.


Holds a top place in the Audio Video Light Integration sector in Poland. The company’s priority is to develop innovative trends, satisfying Client’s needs and expectations, at a highest worldwide level.
Solutions offered by the company are used in numerous sport structures, concert halls, shopping malls and market places, museums, TV and production studios, conference and training centres, controlling centres. Know-how and long-term experience allow the company to design and execute advanced projects that base on state-of-the-art multimedia systems. TRIAS AVI provides state-of-the-art technologies and professional solutions adjusted to the specifics of both contemporary and restored structures.


It has been creating its position at the national and worldwide event technology market for over 20 years. In 2014 the company completed its rebranding process which was connected with implementing the new venue & event support strategy. Long-term experience in the event sector as well as unique competences, allowed VES to step into a new operation area i.e. Comprehensive Structure Management. Annually, the company participates in over 1,000 events, mass and corporate events, fairs, advertising campaigns, film and television shows, guaranteeing the highest level of services.


IWOW's overall goal is to manage complex multifunctional objects. Through the use of knowledge, experience and new technologies, we not only ensure the proper functioning of the objects and maintain their market value, but, above all, their development.


The main aims of the company are comprehensive technical maintenance and assistance in current costs optimisation, as well as keeping their market value using knowledge, professionalism, and state-of-the-art technologies.
Digiservice provides also full service and maintenance of multimedia and low voltage systems. The company optimises fixed costs of structures using BMS systems and its own, innovative programme. By monitoring and controlling the technical condition of systems and installations, Digiservice can provide their proper operation and hence proper structure’s operation.

Arena Szczecin Operator

The company was created - that thanks to Group’s knowledge and experience - so as to be able to carry out tasks connected with the concessionary agreement regarding management of the newly constructed structure: spectator and sports hall, Netto Arena in Szczecin. Each day a team of specialists constructs and executes structure’s development strategy and optimizes its operation. Thanks to a business approach in management, the company managed to fully commercialise its structure, i.e. acquire tenants of office spaces, open a fitness club and attract world famous artists and sports people to Szczecin.


It’s a first Polish fitness club owned by the Eurofitness Group. The first facility has been located in Szczecin, in the building of the newly opened spectator and sports hall, Netto Arena in Szczecin. The Club provides an innovative approach to fitness. Using the Body & Mind activities, the company’s management cares for physical activity not only of its members but also stresses the importance of their education. Through regular workshops and meetings with experts, they expand their knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

CWK Operator

The company was created so as to perform tasks connected with the contract on exhibition and congress centre management, CWK Rzeszów, via the Group’s knowledge and experience. A team of specialists, both locally and from central Poland, has been developing and executing the structure’s development strategy and optimising its operation.


We have been operating in three main areas: temporary exhibitions, fairs and congresses, support of special events at structures managed by the TRIAS Group. Each temporary exhibition organised by us is exceptional and unique. The aim of our projects is to educate, increase social awareness, and rediscover the world. We provide incomparable author exhibitions, fully mobile arrangement of the exhibition, integrated marketing campaigns, wide network of partners which guarantees best locations. Our events are a combination of business meetings with merit-based lectures of special guests and specialists of individual disciplines. Our events are a place to exchange experiences as well as to contract equipment and services related to a specific economy sector. With our events we guarantee a verified fair concept, exclusive locations, effective promotion, and professionally prepared theme of the event.

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